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6th May 2022

New smart dome pressure regulator models available for easy monitoring

German company, Witt, has launched two smart dome-loaded pressure regulators with integrated sensors.

6th May 2022

New Rotary Lobe Industrial Pumps for demanding applications

Vogelsang GmbH and Co. KG launched two new industrial pumps. The rotary lobe pumps are made from a single-piece housing designed for optimal flow.

5th May 2022

New metal-free, halogen-free navy, black colors' acid dyes for sportswear

The new Nylosan® Navy S-3R and Black S-3N, especially developed by Archroma for polyamides and blends, meet four long-standing market demands for blacks and navies sportswear.

28th March 2022

Batch High Shear Mixers for fine dispersions and emulsions

ROSS Batch High Shear Mixers equipped with the Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold Technology delivers powders in an efficient manner for quick wet-out and complete dispersion into low-viscosity liquids.

28th March 2022

New ultra-compact pressure switches with IO-Link

KROHNE has introduced OPTIBAR PSM 1010 and OPTIBAR PSM 2010 ultra-compact pressure switches for absolute and gauge pressure measurement in gases and liquids

28th March 2022

Expanded valve selection offers new opportunities in plant engineering

GEMU has expanded its valve selection for the GEMU eSyLite motorized actuator with three further valve types

28th March 2022

New generation of valves improves safety for hygienic production

GEA has launched a key element for process safety in the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries: the mixproof double-seat valve.

28th March 2022

LVDT Position Sensors to measure minute valve movements in power plants

NewTek LVDT Position Sensors enable precise monitoring and control of valves so turbines operate efficiently with minimal wasted energy.

28th March 2022

High-precision pressure transmitters with extremely low-profile design

TDK Corporation introduced the AVD series of new pressure transmitters which have an extremely low-profile design and high precision.

28th March 2022

Sensors to handle both measuring and switching tasks

The innovative ODT 3C sensor from Leuze can handle both measuring and switching tasks. uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X