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8th July 2019

New 2-wire flow meter for improved diagnostics

The new meter provides highly accurate and repeatable mass flow and density measurements.

8th July 2019

Mass flow meter for accurate corrosion inhibitors dosing

High accuracy and high turndown ratio is achieved based on pure mass flow measurement with this flow meter.

8th July 2019

Expanding capabilities to free core, spring-loaded LVDT product lines

It also allows for long transmissions and greater noise immunity, ideal for subsea applications requiring long cable runs.

8th July 2019

Eco sensors for cost-effective, reliable object detection

Even bad lighting conditions, glossy or reflective surfaces have no influence on the sensor.

8th July 2019

Launch of digital microscope

Users can also take advantage of the microscope's six observation methods to observe and measure a variety of objects.

8th July 2019

Rust preventative, cuts costs and addresses specialized needs

It is also relatively safer to store than traditional highly flammable aerosols.

8th July 2019

Organic lubricant additive for passenger cars, high-performance engine oils

The new Additin RC 3502 has been specifically developed to reduce friction and deliver sustained performance and anti-wear protection.

8th July 2019

New speciality lubricant for plain bearings in generators

Minor measures can already make an important difference without incurring high costs.

8th July 2019

Introducing lubricant for ship owners and charterers

Shell Marine expects most of the world's shipping fleet will aim to comply with IMO 2020.

10th June 2019

More powerful, flexibile instrument for mechanical testing

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