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Filtration and Separation News

14th August 2020

New silica-based chromatography material for pharma purification

Nouryon has introduced a new version of its Kromasil silica-based chromatography material targeting the purification and analysis of pharmaceutical samples

26th April 2020

New pharma single-use processing separator system

The new Alfa Laval CultureOneā„¢ separator system, all product-contact parts can be replaced after each use, limiting the need for onsite cleaning and sterilization.

9th January 2019

Harmonic Filter Modular System ideal for oil platforms

The PBAF series monitors the current signal and compensates for the unwanted elements of the measured current.

19th May 2018

Hygienic side entry receiver filter for challenging requirements

The HSER utilizes clean design concepts, minimizing horizontal surfaces where product or water might collect.

31st March 2018

Pusher centrifuge for various applications

Pusher Centrifuge has been known to be highly effective for feeds of wide ranging solid-content with particle size varying from 80 microns to a few mm.

12th March 2018

Bottom discharge centrifuge with different solids removal method

The hazardous, toxic and allergic materials can easily be handled as there is no contact between the operator and product during operation.

12th March 2018

Umang introduces new fluid bed dryer for various applications

Air distribution plate assembled in the product chamber ensures uniform distribution of air.

30th June 2017

Nilfisk launches new lines of industrial vacuums

These are NRTL-certified. Industrial Vacuums feature conical cartridge filters.

24th May 2017

Biotage introduces new membrane filtration plates

Protection for your UPLC-MS/MS system

29th April 2017

Pelican unveils new water filter that removes chemical discharge

New water filter systems aim to combat fluoride, lead and other common chemicals found in community water supplies

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