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5th May 2022

Catalyst features superior butylene selectivity, maintains high catalytic activity

Fourtitude, the latest product based on BASF's multiple framework topology technology, is optimized to deliver superior selectivity to butylenes while maintaining catalyst activity.

5th May 2022

New cellulose ether, a natural alternative to associative synthetic paint thickeners

Nouryon launched BermocollĀ® FLOW cellulose ether, a new product that combines the flow and leveling properties of an associative synthetic thickener with stability properties of a cellulose thickener.

5th May 2022

Launching eco-friendly wetting agents for textile industry

Wetofast range of products from Cosmo Speciality Chemicals for textiles consists of three products - Wetofast GN, Wetofast LOR and Wetofast LD.

5th May 2022

New liquid filling machine for sterile ophthalmic products

Romaco Macofar launched new liquid filling machine for aseptic filling of sterile eye drops, nasal sprays and injectables.

5th May 2022

Parallel photoreactor with easy interchangeable wavelength excitation

Asynt introduced new modular version of its photoreactor with flexibility to change quickly and safely between easily interchangeable wavelength modules.

23rd November 2020

In-line Flow Meters for Pure Water Dispensing

The type of flow device can fulfil critical roles in measuring the rate of flow and volume of pure water in areas including laboratory water purification

2nd November 2020

Future of Analytical methods

Analytical methods require validation USP <1225>, USP <1224> and USP <1226>.

3rd October 2020

New Coaxial RF Adapters for lab, R&D, commercial & military applications

L-com's new coaxial adapters can be used to connect a wide range of communications and test devices.

4th April 2020

Advanced liquid chromatography system maximizes productivity

Vanquish platform provides a productivity-enhancing solution for routine laboratories.

8th July 2019

New intuitive rheometer series for quality control labs

The unique touchscreen on the instrument also shows instructions with images from the customer's own lab.

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