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2nd November 2020

New heat pump versions provide improved efficiency

The new GEA red heat pump cascade version allows clients to add the heat pump onto any existing refrigeration system

3rd October 2020

Iso Sealed Chemical Process Pumps for excellent hydraulic performance

Durco Mark 3 ISO sealed chemical process pumps from Flowserve have been redeveloped to provide outstanding hydraulic performance

3rd October 2020

Simple upgrade for pumps to handle higher loads, tougher conditions

The new LMV-33XN gearbox features a robust design that is capable of handling higher loads and tougher process conditions

2nd September 2020

New compact grinder for sludge and raw sewage applications

TM6500 Compact Grinder offers excellent grinding performance for protection of pumps, valves, centrifuges and more in sludge and raw sewage applications.

10th August 2020

Faster Delivery Sealless Pumps eliminates leaks

As a proven alternative to traditional sealed pumps, HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive designs eliminates emissions and leaks, which can harm productivity, personnel and the environment.

10th August 2020

Launching compact stainless steel vacuum pump

The new stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump is suited for food processing, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical plants where frequent washdowns are required.

26th April 2020

Scroll pumps with oil-free, low noise features

The new scroll pumps have the lowest noise emissions in their class, said the company.

26th April 2020

New Stainless Steel Model Reduces Rapid Pump Cycling

The regulating pressure is field adjustable in a wide range.

26th April 2020

Next-generation cavity pump with enhanced features

AEB-DE progressing cavity pump series of four pump sizes that share one installation footprint and are capable of bi-directional flow.

4th April 2020

Circulators for heating systems cut energy costs

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