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7th May 2019

Pump hazardous media at flow rates up to 1200 m3/h

The MKP 300-250-315 provides flow rates up to 1200 m3/h with differential heads of up to 50 metres.

7th May 2019

Introducing high-performance vacuum pumps

The pumps of the HiLobe series are of particular interest for fast evacuations.

8th April 2019

New heavy-duty magnetic drive process pumps

The biggest concern with seal-less pumps made from engineering plastic has been the shaft support system.

11th February 2019

New high-efficiency pressure booster systems

KSB Delta Solo, a type series of fully automatic, ready-to-connect single-pump systems.

11th February 2019

Modulating actuators designed for reliable automation

The new sizes increase the CMA range stroke length for the automation of larger valves with higher pressure ratings.

11th February 2019

Introducing pump with innovative, versatile design

Velocity Series pumps can easily be reoriented into a vertical or horizontal position with multiple inlet and discharge port options.

12th November 2018

Plastic pumps for aggressive liquids with solid particles

The pumps are ideal for chemicals transfer and circulation in surface treatment industry.

6th October 2018

New CPE end-suction single-stage centrifugal pump

The new pump design brings higher efficiency that translates into lower energy consumption.

7th August 2018

Loop Reactor Pumps in High Pressure & High Temperature Design

Egger has its HT/HPT pumps specially designed for loop reactor continuous circulations with catalyst and high gas content.

26th June 2018

Smart, Compact SmoothFlow pumps with stable flow, compact size

Smoothflow XPL Series pumps provide a constant and stable flow, economical to operate and compact size.

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