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Valves News

12th August 2019

Spectrometer for easy, accurate fuel and lube oil analysis

Refineries, lubrication oil blending plants, independent testing laboratories and regulatory agencies utilize elemental analysis.

12th August 2019

Butterfly valves for food applications

It is resistant to hydrocarbons and also suitable for use in solids-laden liquids as it is very abrasion-resistant.

7th May 2019

New spring return electric actuator for emergency shutoff valves

This new design offers LP gas and anhydrous ammonia handlers the ability to remotely automate ESV.

7th May 2019

Compact non-return valve with minimal pressure drop

It protects systems featuring towns gas / natural gas, acetylene, hydrogen, oxygen and non-flammable gases as well as compressed air.

11th February 2019

First pre-assembled DP flow meter solution for harsh environments

The Rosemount 9295 helps end users streamline procurement, installation, operation and maintenance.

11th February 2019
11th February 2019

Solenoid valves for use in explosive atmospheres

The typical areas of application are highly diversified.

11th February 2019

Expansion of the control ball valves family

The control ball valves have a removable flow plate for increased flow and on/off function.

9th January 2019

PVDF Ball Valves for high temperature, corrosive, sensitive media systems

It features a true union design with threaded or IPS socket fusion end connections.

12th November 2018

New overflow valve to prevent loud flow noise

The valve is characterised by continuous and quiet pressure reduction when used on tanks for the storage of gases.

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