Providing best solution at right price

Providing best solution at right price

5:08 AM, 7th August 2018
Providing best solution at right price
Enrico Gemme, Managing Director, GemmeCotti Srl.

In an interview, Enrico Gemme, Managing Director, GemmeCotti Srl with Chemical Today magazine talks at length about the pump manufacturing industry and the changing demands from the chemical industry.

By Shivani Mody

Global trends in the pump market.

In the last ten years GemmeCotti has experienced a remarkable growth of the pump market related to the chemical industry especially out of Europe. We think that this trend is linked to the increasing industrialization in fast-growing nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We believe that the same development may continue in the next years in order both to support the growth of regional urbanization in some nations and to accompany the global industry expansion.

Market potential in APAC and South East Asia.

Thanks to the rapid industrialization, APAC and South East Asia is a growing segment of the pump market, full of potentialities. Those potentialities are linked to the fact that almost all the countries in those areas are working hard to improve lifestyle through a significant infrastructural development, and this creates important opportunities. In the last five year, our company have registered an increasing turnover of 20% in these areas, and that is a remarkable result, but we know that this is intended to be better and better in the future.

Pump requirements from chemical manufacturers.

Our customers from chemical industry often require larger customization of the standard product, which can concern materials, pump configuration, pump design or accessories, according to each specific application. Moreover chemical manufacturers want to be sure that the product is high quality.

That’s why we guarantee the Italian origins of our products and the highest quality of each pump part, machined and supplied by Italian high qualified suppliers with a long working experience in their specific field.

Manufacturing chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids.

The main critical element that we have to consider while manufacturing chemical pumps is to understand exactly the customer’s requirements and produce the right product for him in terms of pump materials, design, safety and quality. It’s a process that starts from the pump design. Our technicians study the product, choose all the materials and use advanced software to design every single pump part. After this initial step, every piece is assessed with an accurate FEM analysis to ensure the mechanical performances of the part. If everything is ok, we can realize the prototype of the pump and we can start extensive tests. Only if the pump passes all the tests it can enter our production. But that’s not all. In order to guarantee the perfect performances and lack of any leakage we test again every single pump before shipping them to our customers.

Material trends while manufacturing pumps.

GemmeCotti provides pumps both in PP or PVDF, but also in AISI 316, according to the liquid that they are used for. This range of materials allows us to ensure a perfect compatibility with most of the existing chemicals. While pumps in PP are suitable for high corrosive liquids, such as hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride, PVDF pumps guarantee a compatibility with strong acids, alcohols and halogens. They are mostly used for sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, petrol and nitric acid. Pumps in AISI 316, instead, are indicated for hydrocarbons and other flammable fluids, for heat transfer oils and for radioactive liquids.

Incorporating IIOT and automation solutions in pump industry.

Industry 4.0 is probably the future for the pump industry, but in this moment its impact on chemical pumps manufacturers like ours is still limited. The reason is that, most of the times, pumps suitable for chemicals require a wide customization to meet the needs of the customers, and the production has to be almost piece by piece to ensure the best quality at the best price.

Insight into company’s chemical pump business.

At the present, we export in 87 countries in the world and the export sales cover 70 percent of the total turnover. But we want to grow more and for this reason our business plans for the near future are:

• To increase the exportations abroad, especially in Latin America, USA, APAC and South East Asia regions

• To strengthen the relationship with our partners in these regions and to increase our sales network by finding other distributors who buy and resell our pumps in their country

• To develop other new products to meet the market’s needs.

Continuous work towards R&D and innovation.

Our corporate policy is oriented to quality and continuous improvement. That’s the reason why we constantly work on our pumps, welcoming customers feedbacks and studying the technical development of the industry, in order to offer a high quality service and top-level products. We are also designing two new series of pumps which will be ready by the end of the year.

Pump solutions seeing increased demand.

Our flagship products, HTM centrifugal magnetic drive pumps, are the most requested from chemical manufacturers and the demand is always increasing. The reason for this choice is their special hermetic design. In fact our mag drive pumps are totally seal-less and the hydraulic part is hermetically closed: in this way you can avoid any leakage of fluid or fugitive emission that, in case of chemicals, corrosive liquids, explosive and flammable fluids, could be very dangerous both for people and environment. Moreover mag drive pumps are very reliable and need very low maintenance with consequent cost-saving thanks to their simple design and strong structure.

Strengthening after-sales services.

GemmeCotti offers to customers a complete sales and after-sales service. Our customer service helps them during the whole sales process, from the pump selection, throughout all the purchasing procedure, as well as technical assistance in case of pump repair and spare part supply. For every pump supplied there is a complete kit of spare parts available in stock. Customers can send their pump to our workshop for repair or maintenance whenever they need and we will overhaul the pump in a very short time to avoid long plant downtime.

Challenges faced by pumps manufacturers.

Our everyday challenge is to understand our customers’ needs in order to provide them the best solution at the right price. We know that the only way to obtain this result is working hard, never stop learning and improving and to be receptive to the technological development. And we strongly believe that we are on the right track!

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