QP, Qapco JV petrochemical complex at Ras Laffan

QP, Qapco JV for petrochemical complex at Ras Laffan

8:33 PM, 13th February 2012
QP, Qapco JV for petrochemical complex at Ras Laffan

DOHA, QATAR: Qatar Petroleum and Qatar Petrochemical Co (QAPCO) will build a $5 billion petrochemical complex in the Gulf Arab state. The plant, to be located at Qatar's Ras Laffan industrial city, will produce petrochemical products mainly to be sold to high-growth markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It will be jointly developed by QP and QAPCO and will be operational by 2018, said Mohammed Al-Sada, Energy Minister, Qatar.

The plant, which will include a steam cracker, will produce 1.4 million tonne per annum of ethylene, 850,000 tonne per annum of high-density polyethylene, 430,000 of linear low-density polyethylene, 760,000 tonne per annum of polypropylene and 83,000 tonne per annum of butadiene. The plant will have the capacity to produce 1.5 million tonne of mono-ethylene glycol per year and 300,000 tonne of linear alpha olefin, mostly for export to Asian markets.

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