Quaker’s new smart polymer technology die casting industry

Quaker’s new smart polymer technology for die casting industry

5:02 AM, 26th September 2016
Quaker’s new smart polymer technology for die casting industry

CONSHOHOCKEN, US: One constant challenge in the die casting industry is uneven die protection caused by temperature variation on the die surface. Temperature variation is caused by the variability in die size, design, complexity, flow of alloy through the die, and heat profile of each system. Traditional die lubricants, unable to adapt to the disparity in die temperatures, can be good at protecting hot areas of the die, but can produce residue build-up in cooler, less demanding areas, causing:

  • Lost production time
  • Complications with solder on the casting
  • Extra die maintenance

To solve these challenges, Quaker Chemical Corporation developed Smart Polymer Technology, a heat activated additive. DIE SLICK die lubricants with Smart Polymer Technology are able to form an evenly distributed, tough, protective die coating when exposed to hot areas of the die, but do not accumulate residue in cooler areas. This unique property translates to:

  • Reduced solder on castings
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced release and wetting characteristics
  • Bright and clean castings

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