RD Abbott signs distribution agreement with LORD

RD Abbott signs distribution agreement with LORD

7:23 AM, 20th March 2017
RD Abbott signs distribution agreement with LORD

CERRITOS, US: RD Abbott Company Inc, a full-service elastomers supplier, has entered into an agreement with LORD Corporation, a recognised leader in highly reliable adhesives and coatings, to distribute LORD in-mould bonding (IMB) adhesives in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

LORD Corporation’s new IMB adhesives effectively bond platinum-cured liquid silicone rubber with an unprecedented strength to various substrates—including silicone and thermoplastic moulded parts, aluminium, steel, magnesium, and glass—directly during an injection or compression moulding process.

By reducing secondary operations, like plasma treatments or other complex surface preparation steps, this new technology increases throughput and can save manufacturers considerable time and expense.

Current recommended applications for LORD IMB adhesives include cell phone cases, wearable technology, consumer products, handles and grips, electrical connectors, plus critical automotive and aerospace components.

RD Abbott also distributes the following LORD Corporation products in the Western United States and Mexico: Chemlok Rubber-to-Substrate Adhesives, Aqualast Emulsions, Autoseal Weatherstrip Coatings, Chemosil Primer and Bonding Agents, LokRelease Mold Release Agents, LORD High-Performance Coatings, and Ty-Ply BN Adhesives.

“Throughout our 68-year partnership with LORD Corporation, RD Abbott has remained a collaborative ally grounded in reliable materials, quality service and operational excellence. We are grateful for this new opportunity and are confident in our ability to advance their market share and to discover innovative applications for their IMB adhesives,” said Scott Kearns, chief operating officer, RD Abbott.

“In fact, our technical team has already conducted research in our rubber testing lab to substantiate that heat and fuel resistance can be improved for extreme environments like aerospace and automotive applications when LORD IMB adhesives are bonded with fluoro silicone rubber,” added Kearns.

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