S-OIL doubles para xylene benzene capacity at Onsan

S-OIL doubles para xylene and benzene capacity at Onsan

4:03 PM, 1st June 2011
S-OIL doubles para xylene and benzene capacity at Onsan
S-OIL refinery in Onsan.

  • The company expands its future growth engines through the completion of “Onsan refinery expansion project” with a total investment of 1.3 trillion won.
  • It is capable of producing 1,600,000 tons of para-xylene, 600,000 tons of benzene, and other various petrochemical products.
  • It secures global competitiveness in the petrochemical sector as well as in the oil refining and lube oil sectors. 


SEOUL, KOREA: S-OIL began full-scale operation of a large petrochemical plant that produces para-xylene (PX) and other petrochemical products. 


As part of its effort to expand future growth engines, S-OIL invested more than 1.3 trillion won in the “Number 2 aromatic complex construction project” that would more than double the refiner’s petrochemical production capacity.


The operation of the number 2 aromatic complex enabls S-OIL to produce 1,600,000 ton of PX a year, the largest among single plants in the world. This also solidify its position as one of the most competitive suppliers of petrochemical products.  


“The number 2 aromatic complex is our new growth engine and future driving force that will help us diversify our business areas and establish a solid presence. We’ll be able to gain a firm foothold in the petrochemical market as well as in the oil refining and lube oil markets where we’ve already secured global competitiveness,” said Ahmed A Subaey, CEO, S-OIL.


The S-OIL number 2 aromatic complex produces PX and benzene-basic feedstocks for synthetic fibers and petrochemical products. The complex is capable of producing 900,000 ton of PX and 300,000 ton of benzene a year. Thus, S-OIL’s annual PX and benzene production capacities more than double to 1,600,000 ton and 600,000 ton, respectively, from the previous 700,000 ton and 300,000 ton.


“We export about 60 per cent of our total petrochemical production each year. With the start of operation of number 2 aromatic complex, we’ll not only become the most influential PX supplier in the Asia-Pacific region, but we’ll also emerge as a petrochemical market leader by taking advantage of our geographical proximity to the centre of global demand growth,” said an official at S-OIL.

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