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Safety News

18th June 2018

Mandatory workplace safety regulations boost market

The safety equipment need to be manufactured precisely according to the regulations/safety standards.

23rd January 2018

Raw materials cost concerns to affect market price trend

Rising influence on considering worker's safety at high priority in mining, oil & gas, and construction industries should drive industrial head protection market size.

8th January 2018

US, Canada associations partner for safe chemicals management

Collaborating to enhance safe management of chemical products across the supply chain through Responsible Care.

8th January 2018

Chemical industry has significant potential to contribute to a low carbon world

A study by Ecofys, calculates avoided emissions across four key chemical industry value chains: buildings, transport, renewable power and food packaging.

6th July 2017

Norway is first to ratify 2010 compensation regime for Hazardous and Noxious Cargoes

Protocol covering preparedness & response to shipping accidents involving hazardous substances.

5th July 2017

Trump's proposal to scrap Chemical Safety Board draws criticism

Chemical and energy industry officials offered limited comment on the proposal.

4th May 2017

GHD's construction management gives successful closure of toxic dump

GHD leveraged Bentley's cloud based construction management software to coordinate the entire project team

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