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Agrochemicals News

10th October 2019

Proliferating farming with nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionise the global food production system.

11th September 2019

New pathway to Agricultural Revolution: Zero Budget Natural Farming

ZBNF started as a grassroots peasant movement in the 90s and is still being followed in various states in India.

11th September 2019

Need for Mulch in Agriculture

Mulching is the process of covering soil around the plant's root area which insulates it from effects of extreme temperature fluctuations.

11th December 2018

Smart farming tech: The silver-lining of agriculture

Our farmers need to be digitally literate in order to leverage the benefits smart farming technologies offer.

6th October 2018

Driving agro revolution: Being chemically responsible

Is it time for agrochemical industry to rethink its role?

6th October 2018

Indian agrochemical industry set for a growth phase

Horticulture and floriculture have also started gaining prominence in India.

6th October 2018

Protecting soil should be top most priority

Fertilisers were crucial in the success of 'Green Revolution' in 1960s that made India a food-sufficient country.

11th June 2018

It is time we recognize women as farmers

The state and health of agriculture in India cannot be imagined without the role and contrition of women.

7th April 2018

Time for India to have more say in global insecticides play

There are number of molecules in the agrochemicals domain that can be developed indigenously

23rd March 2018

Microbes for better harvests

BioAg Alliance aims to produce bioyield products, which help plants with nutrient uptake, and biocontrol products, which help protect plants against pests and diseases.

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