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Catalysts News

17th February 2018

Zinc oxides used in an increasing range of new applications

With the high level of activity, Lanxess zinc oxide products are effective catalysts in the sulfur crosslinking of rubber components, such as conveyor belts or hoses.

14th November 2017

BASF launches new refining catalyst

Allows refiners to improve operations and maximize profits.

14th August 2017

Safeguarding from perils of industrial and vehicular pollution

Sud-Chemie develops and manufactures catalysts which aids in cutting down on the toxic emissions from industrial & auto manufacturers.

31st July 2017

Johnson Matthey develops technology that reduces emissions

Retrofit technology enables Johnson Matthey and partners to take a twelve-year-old bus and achieve emissions comparable to a modern bus.

26th July 2017

Clariant joins Kopernikus initiative for promoting renewable energy

German government's Kopernikus initiative aims to accelerate the shift to renewable energy; Clariant supports the project with catalysts for liquid organic hydrogen carriers technology.

18th July 2017

Clariant expands China presence; opens new branch for catalysts

Clariant becomes the first multinational catalyst company which establishes a permanent office in northwest China.

14th July 2017

EnviCat: Clariant's efficient catalysts for air, gas purification

High-performance catalyst for removal of VOC's and CO by catalytic oxidation.

3rd July 2017

BASF, Nornickel to cooperate on battery materials production

Cooperation to set foundation to supply battery cell producers for electric vehicles in Europe with regionally produced cathode materials.

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