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2nd May 2022

Indian chemical industry sees opportunity in import substitution segment

While the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak boosted disinfectant production and businesses, it was a disaster for companies that were dependent entirely on automotive, construction sectors.

4th March 2022

New climate neutral methylene diphenyl diisocyanate for industries

New MDI grades are climate neutral from cradle to factory gate. The products are already available for construction, cold chain and automotive applications.

31st January 2022

Cementing sustainable structures

Advanced Building Materials are a new generation of construction materials that demonstrate exceptional properties, making buildings and infrastructure smarter, more energy-efficient and resilient.

3rd August 2021

Seizing the decarbonization opportunity in construction

There is a need to explore construction's impact on greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions in the context of buildings

8th October 2020

US Engineering, Construction Industry Outlook: A midyear update

Exploring the US engineering and construction industry trends and the impact of COVID-19.

8th October 2020

How construction can emerge stronger after coronavirus

Engineering, construction and building materials have a vital role to play in a post-pandemic recovery of our communities and economies. Seven actions can help companies prepare for the next normal.

13th August 2020

Boosting heavy-duty coatings performance while reducing environmental impact

Longer fire resistance time for sustainable steel constructions

6th September 2018

Building the infrastructure advantage for India

Comfort of the occupants is a top-most priority in a smart-city.

19th May 2018

Durable concrete structures

Use of TMT or CRS bars to increase the durability of concrete structure.

23rd October 2017

Covestro develops new composite technology for future lightweight construction

Innovative materials for future lightweight construction. Recipient of the European Plastics Innovation Award.

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