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Cosmetics News

2nd May 2022

Advancing the biomimetic booster of skin resilience

Bio-inspired active natural ingredient helps skin to resist environmental stress. It activates skin defense mechanisms & triggers skin resilience: improving elasticity, firmness and reducing wrinkles.

8th March 2022

Clean Beauty

Natural, clean, sustainable are the trending words in the cosmetics industry. Customers are switching their brand loyalty to alternatives that promise chemical & paraben free

25th February 2021

Retro future in the cosmetics industry

Defining new trend-based beauty concepts as well as the formulations and ingredients that best capture their spirit

2nd November 2020

Biodiversity: The next frontier in sustainable fashion

It's time for the apparel industry to radically reduce the industry's contribution to biodiversity loss. There are four main interventions that can make the biggest impact.

21st August 2020

Amid Stable Growth, Covid-19 Changed Chinese Shopping Behavior

Online channels continued to gain as E-commerce grew in 2019, gaining share from hypermarkets, while grocery further declined, due to the rise of modern trade and online-to-offline (O2O

7th March 2020

Changing hues of beauty

Change in customer expectations is also making a huge impact on ways in which cosmetics are made.

10th October 2019

Simply squeeze and mix

The dispenser is one of several application projects that have benefited from the close collaboration between CORADIN and KRAIBURG TPE.

7th March 2019

The gentlemen's league

Men's grooming industry has become an integral part of the cosmetics industry.

7th March 2019

Changing face of home & personal care products

The Indian chemical sector is symbolic in many ways as it serves as an ideal example for the 'Make in India' initiative.

7th March 2019

Welcome the sun with screen

Sun protection applies to people from all ages, genders and nationality wishing to keep their skin healthy.

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