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Flavours and Fragrances News

3rd September 2021

Food Pigments and Flavours: Straight from Nature's Lap

Food industry is going all natural to bring out the vibrant colours and explicit tastes in every packet

7th May 2021

BIO-fragrances available for textiles

A new range of bio-based fragrances, named SceNTLĀ® is launched recently. The range uses traceable raw materials, and an external lab has confirmed that the bio-content is above 85 percent

7th May 2019

Food that amalgamates senses

Major food companies are tapping local ingredients and recreating long lost recipes with a modern twist.

6th September 2018

Blooming aerosols, fragrances market in India

Today, India is one of the fastest growing markets globally for deodorant sprays.

19th May 2018

Healthy snacking

The flavours and fragrance industry understands the dire need for healthier alternatives in one of the biggest food segment making healthy snack a definite reality.

16th May 2018

High efficient mixing in fragrance and flavor applications

Entrained air reduces the mixing efficacy as the air leads to a significant damping of the energy input.

15th November 2017

IFF celebrates 50 years of master perfumer Carlos Benaim

Benaim created hundreds of iconic fragrances for men and women, nine of which won the industry's highest honour.

1st September 2017

Givaudan completes acquisition of food ingredients company Vika

This acquisition is aligned to support all food and beverage companies in developing great tasting products.

8th August 2017

IMCD to distribute Givaudan flavours in Western Europe

This partnership supports Givaudan's two key pillars of our 2020 strategy; partnering for shared success and growing with our customers.

8th June 2017

Sensient's new added- value technology: Micro-encapsulated Fragrances Formaldehyde Free

The micro-encapsulated perfumes are composed by tiny capsules, just microns in diameter, containing a radiant scent.

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