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2nd May 2022

Next generation medical resealing compound for Asia Pacific

Seals for medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology applications are used to prevent contamination, leakages and spillages. They must exhibit good chemical resistance, biocompatibility features.

7th March 2022

Emerging Trends Fueling Alternative Protein Market

ADM reveals seven emerging trends shaping the alternative protein market.

20th December 2021

Food Rules that will Rule 2022

– Doctors are constantly suggesting healthy eating to increase immunity. Since then, nutrient rich food has become a part of regular diet to increase and maintain overall health

31st August 2021

Consumer Behaviors reshaping food, beverage & supplement innovation

As per a survey 60 percent of global consumers are planning to improve their overall health and wellness in the next 12 months.

7th July 2021

Bio-based softener, quick-dry finish for circularity programmes

The two products are in the range of bio-based textile finishes, one being a softener and the other a quick-dry finish and are derived from vegetable oils.

22nd March 2021

Functionally and aesthetically durable: Multifaceted product protects polymer surfaces

Microorganisms such as bacteria, mildew or algae destroy surface structures or leave behind a slimy biofilm. Damage to the functionality of seals, filters or other industrial applications

1st March 2021

Future of Food: Top Trends in 2021

'Instagrammable' foods, health and wellness products and conscious consumption are gaining ground in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa and beyond.

2nd September 2020

Thermoplastic elastomers find a niche in medical PPEs

PPEs provide protection against cross-infections and pathogenic transmissions and have the potential to block infections originating in blood, body fluids or respiratory secretions.

21st August 2020

COVID-19: Voice of Canadians and impact to retailers

From the COVID-19 spread across the world, the outlook for Canadian retail reversed direction. Global growth was curtailed, retail spending reduced and commodity and equity prices dropped

14th August 2020

Key material factor to make more potent respiratory devices

Technological advancement in respiratory care devices results in enhanced preventive and treatment outcomes.

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