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1st April 2020

Disinfectants – An effective way to stop spread of coronavirus

The high level disinfectant Rely+On Virkon from LANXESS is effective against the coronavirus.

4th March 2020

Nutritional Solution: The next big thing in the health and wellness segment

The segment is witnessing surge in new product launches.

17th February 2020

Trending towards holistic wellness

Lifestyle changes are moving more towards holistic wellness and that is one 'ingredient' that every product is aiming to incorporate.

12th November 2018

Digital boost for health care

The digitization of medical science is undergoing a complete transformation.

7th December 2017

Going Gluten-free with freedom

DSM's Tolerase G (AN-PEP) is currently the only commercially available enzyme for use in dietary supplements that is scientifically proven to help break down residual gluten.

15th November 2017

Bayer joins Loxo to develop, commercialise cancer drugs

Larotrectinib (LOXO-101) and LOXO-195 target tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) fusion proteins, which are a product of genetic alterations that occur across a range of different tumors.

18th July 2017

BASF introduces new class of insecticide for malaria prevention

WHO recommendation for game-changing mosquito net; First bed net to contain non-pyrethroid chemistry

12th July 2017

Eating food wrapped in newspapers may cause cancer: FSSAI

From vada pav to bajji to samosa: how cancer is being purchased in India?

26th June 2017

Merck establishes new foundation for global healthcare solutions

Aims to improve health and well-being of people and advance lives through science and technology.

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