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10th June 2019

Sustainable Printing Solutions

Biodegradable refers to a product breaking down into natural elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapour by organisms like bacteria and fungi.

25th June 2018

Smart anchors meet cotton. Stay competitive

New RemazolĀ® SAM range.

22nd June 2018

New sheen for next-gen automotive

The role of coatings is expanding from just giving colour and gloss to an automotive exterior.

11th June 2018

Demand in pigments market to expand profitably

Titanium dioxide is used extensively as white pigments due to its high refractive index, excellent light scattering properties, and ability to reflect light.

2nd April 2018

Reactive dye revolution

Innovations in reactive dyes are helping to revolutionize the textile industry by delivering economic and environmental sustainability.

30th August 2017

Researchers identify 12 natural dyes for textiles

University looks at industrial production of natural dyes for textile industry.

21st July 2017

Merck opens new application laboratory in Shanghai, China

Application technology services and development of new formulations with pigments and functional materials.

12th July 2017

Archroma, MintModa partner to enhance impact of colour in fashion

The unprecedented effects of social media and direct-to-consumer commerce drive the need for highly-visual apparel through the artful use of colour.

16th May 2017

Archroma's EarthColors selected by American clothing company

EarthColors is a line of plant-based dyes, sourced from up to 100 percent renewable resources

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