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Oil and Gas News

19th July 2018

Finding greener crudes

India is the third-largest oil consuming nation in the world and the fourth-largest Liquefied Natural Gas.

11th June 2018

Offshore pipeline projects important for organizations' market presence

Oil & gas pipelines are major assets that need protection from corrosion to avoid leakage, product loss and ensure public and environmental safety.

24th August 2017

Shell starts production at Gbaran-Ubie project in Nigeria

Peak production of around 175,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day is expected in 2019.

8th August 2017

7 earthquakes linked to fracking hit Oklahoma: Survey

The events were attributed to the disposal of wastewater used during hydraulic fracturing, or fracking processes, for the harvesting of oil.

26th July 2017

ExxonMobil makes additional oil discovery offshore Guyana

Increases total Payara resource to approximately 500 million oil-equivalent barrels.

13th July 2017

Shell sells upstream interests in Ireland for $1.23 billion

The transaction represents Shell's exit from the upstream business in Ireland.