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Plastics and Polymers News

29th April 2020

Current Trends in Antimicrobial Polymers

Textiles are favorable substrates for microbial growth under appropriate conditions of temperature and moisture.

29th April 2020

Food contact approval for dental, oral hygiene products

New compounds with excellent adhesion to polyamides complement the offer.

1st April 2020

Comfortable to wear and compact in size

The material provides excellent processability and ensures high wearing comfort.

4th March 2020

Strong focus on sustainability and circular economy

ABS is a fully recyclable material.

16th February 2020

Focus on the fast-growing e-mobility market

Some of the advantages of the broad range of TPEs are design, noise reduction, flame retardancy and adhesion to polyamide.

14th January 2020

Helping the planet breathe again

Ocean plastic is yet another alarming facet of plastic waste endangering the water bodies.

9th January 2020

Flame-retardant TPEs with adhesion to polyamides

Along with the formulation of the polyamide, the flame retardant's temperature sensitivity is a major challenge.

9th January 2020

Styrenics in the construction industry

Many of the materials used in the construction industry are designed for exterior use

11th November 2019

Core filler: Less material, less weight, less manufacturing costs

Sandwich panels consist of a honeycomb core made from various materials, from aluminium to non-metal constructions.

11th November 2019

Recycled plastic for consumer goods packaging

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