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Plastics and Polymers News

10th June 2019

Class-A surface with thermoplastic composites

The 3D-shape of the part was identical to the component from the investigations of the pressing process.

10th June 2019

Beyond Metal: Managing heat and design in led lighting

Metal replacement with specialty engineered thermoplastics is entering a new and advanced phase, and it all has to do with light and heat.

10th June 2019

Plating portfolio development for demanding applications

Complete range of ABS-based materials fulfils highest requirements for demanding applications.

7th May 2019

Mass adoption of advanced composites

Digital technologies for speed, mass customization and quality.

8th April 2019

Focus on new mobility and substitution of polyamide 66

Potential battery applications include cell holders, spacers, covers, module carriers and housing parts.

7th March 2019

Surfing on a Rope

The board should not only be functional, but also look great.

7th March 2019

Flame-retardant TPEs with adhesion to polyamides

The immense variety of polyamide types and their various compositions are a special challenge in selecting material for appropriate hard/soft combinations.

11th February 2019

Thermoplastic elastomer hybrids

The applications and their material requirements with different temperature and chemical resistances in the specified areas vary so widely.

9th January 2019

Plastic planet

Plastics has become a part of our daily life is becoming the sheer reason of suffocation for the planet.

8th January 2019

The future of automotive

The car of the future is becoming more and more like a smartphone on four wheels.