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22nd August 2017

Perstorp's Akestra tops fire-safety classification

Akestra is a new generation of thermoplastic co-polyester offering a sparkling, fully transparent and high heat resistant plastic material.

22nd August 2017

Eastman to expand copolyester capacity in Malaysia

The expansion positions Eastman to meet the increasing global demand for copolyester materials.

8th August 2017

Toyobo, Trias to establish two packaging JVs in Indonesia

The two companies to be established are: PT Toyobo Trias Ecosyar (TTE) and PT Trias Toyobo Astria (TTA).

28th July 2017

Lubrizol launches new thermoplastic polyurethane for adhesive powders

Pearlbond 1160L is toluene-free (0 ppm) and can be converted into thermos-bonding films, webs and powder.

27th July 2017

AkzoNobel, Itaconix bio-based agreement enters commercial phase

AkzoNobel uses Itaconix's polymerisation technology to turn fermented sugars into bio-based polymers.

26th July 2017

Biesterfeld to distribute LERG's polyester resins

Unsaturated polyester resins provides an essential matrix for fibre-reinforced plastics in industries.

26th July 2017

Dow launches new packaging film to its Innate resin portfolio

TF-BOPE film has higher mechanical properties and material rigidity, better optical and printing performance.

25th July 2017

BASF's improved polyether polyols for lower emissions in car interiors

Lupranol for polyurethane systems enables car manufacturers to meet government regulations and industry standards.

24th July 2017

BASF concentrates on XPS boards production at Verbund site

The full XPS product range will be available from one location, thus substantially improving service to customers.

24th July 2017

LyondellBasell PP, PE technologies selected for Chinese petrochemical complex

LyondellBasell has a strong reputation in polymer process technologies.