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4th March 2022

Materials for large metal pipe lining projects in Saudi Arabia

Metal-pipe lining is a growing trend in the industry for the rehabilitation of old metal pipelines and protection of new ones from corrosion

4th June 2021

Novel synthetic aromatic molecule for flavours & fragrance industry

Recently there has been the commercial launch of synthetic eugenol (Eugenol Synth) - a new high purity product for the flavours & fragrance (F&F) industry.

29th May 2021

High performance anti-foam agents for naphthenic oils

The low surface tension between water and naphthenic oils ensures that the defoaming agent spreads quickly on the surface of the water.

28th May 2021

Garden Tools Turn Over A New Leaf With TPEs

In the growing vertical gardening trend, KRAIBURG TPE offers TPE compounds that provide ergonomic characteristics and functionalities for gardening equipment used in urban spaces.

28th May 2021

New resin honeycomb cores for EV batteries, photovoltaics recyclability

New resin honeycomb cores for EV batteries, photovoltaics recyclability

28th May 2021

Addressing cold form blister packaging issues in pharma industry

While thermoforming holds the most significant technology segment of the blister packaging market, cold forming is used extensively due to its high efficiency rate in pharma packaging.

28th December 2020

Polymers – Footwear

Arkema has developed a range of Pebax® Rnew® bio-based elastomers, derived from renewable castor oil, designed to empower running shoes with tremendous energy return, lightness, and recyclability.

6th October 2020

Advanced anti-microbial coating reduces microbial contamination for all surfaces

NANOVA CARE COAT has developed advanced anti-microbial (anti-viral and bactericidal) NANOVA HYGIENE+TM technology solution which reduces the risk of microbial contamination virtually for all surfaces

2nd September 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chain: Speciality Chemical

The emphasis on cost considerations coupled with China's emergence and domination as a manufacturing hub created single or at max dual sourcing model

4th April 2020

COVID-19: A pandemic that rocked the global chemical industry

The impact has amplified due to the heavy dependence of the world on China.

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