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Textiles News

10th June 2019

Dyeing Greener Fabrics

About 40 percent of the globally used colourants contain organically bound chlorine which is a carcinogen.

7th May 2019

Odor control function reaches new level of hygiene management

Odors on textiles are caused when bacteria breaks down sweat.

11th February 2019

CBD finds-its way to textiles

CBD is one of more than 100 different chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant.

12th November 2018

Cool comfort technology for apparel and sportswear market

Moov&Cool® 'cool comfort' technology for the apparel/sportswear market.

6th July 2018

Solving new age textile challenges

The Textile industry is a heavy user of water and reducing the usage has been a priority for the sector for several years.

25th June 2018

Chemical risk management in textile manufacturing

Textile dye houses and garment laundries can access the Gateway- Chemical Module and search for MRSL conformant chemical formulations.

11th June 2018

Hygienic textile materials become popular among consumers

Antimicrobial chemicals help to control the growth of microorganisms in textiles as well as maintain their physical strength.

7th May 2018

A passage to India

How textile technology innovator Devan Chemicals can be of great (added) value to the Indian textile business.

1st March 2018

Innovative odour management for functional polyster textiles

Sanitized Odoractiv 10 with patented, dual-action technology.

3rd November 2017

Environment friendly enzymatic desizing and scouring process

The product Ezyscour SPE is the answer to the environmental concerns of textile processing industry without compromising the quality of processing.

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