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Water Treatment News

30th November 2020

Optimizing water treatment with online sensing and advanced analytics

Metals and mining companies are adapting to an operating environment in which water is highly regulated, experiences unforeseen supply shocks, and carries substantial social value

10th December 2019

Water-energy nexus: Engaging in the sustainable development

Renewable energy has the potential to solve the issues with water supply chain by providing alternatives to energy generation.

10th December 2019

Why chemical treatment is a no-brainer

Wastewater treatment plants have a finite capacity and, in most areas, the populations they have to serve are growing.

8th July 2019

Impact of Reducing Wastewater

Residential and industrial wastewater contains high amounts of pathogens that can pose serious threats to people.

6th October 2018

Can India replicate Middle East's desalination success story

According to Global Water Intelligence, the world's desalination market is projected to reach $7 billion by 2022.

16th May 2018

Impact of emerging contaminants to water supplies - Addressing the issue

Water recycling or water reuse initiatives are on the rise globally to augment current water supplies and reduce reliance on seasonal sources.

11th April 2018

Reverse osmosis and ion exchange: unique process steps to minimize liquid discharge

Zero liquid discharge wastewater treatment plant is located inside the water treatment facility section of a major specialty chemicals producer.

26th December 2017

Waterlust - search for pure water

A day without water is unimaginable. The dearth of water is forcing the industry and municipalities to use seawater and inland water sources which contain high salt levels.

26th July 2017

Furthering technologies for water, wastewater treatment & recycle

The water and waste water management industry encompasses multiple techniques for the treatment of water and to overcome water scarcity and conserve water resources.

4th July 2017

Lanxess launches three new Lewabrane products for water treatment

Pilot plant incorporating Lewabrane elements, part of the “Multi-ReUse” project funded by the BMBF, goes into operation in July 2017

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