Sensient’s new added- value technology: Micro-encapsulated Fragrances Formaldehyde Free

Sensient's new added- value technology: Micro-encapsulated Fragrances Formaldehyde Free

11:18 AM, 8th June 2017
Sensient Fragrances is always looking into consumer´s and market trends to meet or anticipate their needs. © Shutterstock
Sensient Fragrances is always looking into consumer´s and market trends to meet or anticipate their needs. © Shutterstock

By Jacqueline Reynders

Sensient Fragrances hold a global position leverag­ing fragrance compounds, aro­ma chemicals and essential oils to provide best in class, sustainable and integrated solutions.

We merge tech­nological developments with pure inspiration & creativity with mood trends, fashion and market factors that are valued by consumers.

As the technology landscape grows, Sensient Fragrances is always looking into consumer´s and market trends to meet or anticipate their needs.

The reason behind FORMALDEHYDE FREE Micro encapsulated perfumes For Long Lasting Scent experience

While detergents and softeners were designed to provide a fresh scent to the textile, regardless the technology used to diffuse the fragrance, the effect was short-live.

Extensive market demand for perfumes with a significant long-lasting effect was the basis for the development of Sensient Micro-encapsulation technology SensiCaps®.

The micro-encapsulated perfumes are composed by tiny capsules, just microns in diameter, containing a radiant scent. By using a spherical shell composed of a synthetic or natural polymer, the shell delays or slows the release of the scent in the core. With friction or motion, the breakage of the shell takes place releasing an impactful perfume. Successful products fragranced with Sensient Micro-encapsulation technology are found across markets and segments.

With a broad expertise in design and in house-production of the capsules our SensiCaps® universe count with more than 15 different types, including Allergen Free.  With a high market knowledge and expertise in the field, our international teams carefully choose ingredients to design inspiring scents to deliver the best balance between the highest tangible performance next to promote a memorable experience.

In laundry care, our fragrance cap­sules deliver the “just washed” sen­sation even weeks after washing. In air care, the technology provides an extra burst of perfume, enhancing the fresh-and-clean air percep­tion.

Micro capsules have become a differentiator for long-term fragrance-release prod­ucts and their success have guaranteed further innovation.

We provide A +A system, fragrance & capsule designed within a similar olfactive profile to enhance the power of the scent. With our A +B system, we promote fragrance layering that will trigger the senses. A +B + C system offers a high sensorial value by merging 3 different perfume profiles, all of them promoting the ultimate harmonious and inspiring experience.

Micro capsules are made of  Melamine or Urea with formaldehyde which are used in Fabric & Home Care but can not be used in Personal Care.

Sensient took a new challenge to provide a differentiator value to some key markets where there is a demand for Formaldehyde FREE Caps for Laundry Care.  This new technology also opens an umbrella of opportunities for Personal & Hygiene products.

Sensient has completed an intensive programme of design, fine-tuning, testing and now launching the most expected innovation being Formaldehyde Free Encapsulated Fragrances for Laundry Care.

SensiCaps e.motions® answers the needs of the most demanding markets where Formaldehyde is not accepted.

We will continue delivering our successful Micro-encapsulated Fragrances SensiCaps® to all continents and will provide this new technology to address needs of the most demanding markets for Laundry and also for Personal Care.

This is our new generation of Capsules to comply with the needs of the most engaged consumers who are always looking for a new generation of products.   

With SensiCaps® and SensiCaps e.motions® we promote further innovation and a differentiator value to your products.   Both technologies provide more than 12 weeks scent Experience next to deliver on the high market expectations.

Sensient Fragrances has a wide portfolio of Scents with Added value technologies to address consumers and markets needs:

Greener alternatives: Sustainable Fragrances & 89 Allergen Free Perfumes to address new market expectations

Sustainable Fragrances

Protecting the Planet and caring for natural resources has been on the agenda of many and therefore the need to provide sustainable solutions while innovating the markets.

Sensient engagement for greener & sustainable alternatives has been proven by designing a unique collection of 100% SUSTAINABLE perfumes for Powder Detergents, Washing Up Liquids, All Purpose Cleaners, Bleach & Deo Roll On.

The PEFC Chain of Custody Certificate issued to Sensient Fragrances provides the guarantee that we comply with all regulations and therefore in a position to offer these unique scents that will provide our customers success factors for a unique product.

Allergen Free

Allergens is a hot topic today and consumers continue to show concerns. Back in 2003, the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) identified a series of 26 fragrance ingredients as allergenic. There is a new legislation announced in Europe to increase the number to 89.  Anticipating this new legislation, Sensient took the initiative to create a collection of scents to exclude all 89 Allergens but also CMR´s, PCM´s, Nitro Musks & Phthalates.

Our creative teams worked with a reduced palette of ingredients to comply with all regulations and after a long period of testing and reworking, finally were able to deliver a good performing collection of scents for Laundry, Home & Personal Care. This range of fragrances are identified by our customers as unique since they already provide solutions to new legislation while at the same time delivering on an innovative edge…

Technologies for Ultra Freshness:

AOCF® (Active Odour Control Fragrance) for Laundry, Home & Personal Care

Freshness is one of the top benefits consumers want from their products hence a wide range of choices to cover and mask unpleasant odours. For Sensient another reason to design a state of the art technology to fully neutralise odours, not just to cover them. Sensient AOCF® patented technology (EP 1 759 716 A1) is active in Airborn and Home odour such as cigarette, kitchen and bathroom.

Generally, there are 3 elements that cause odour: oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur. Our technology breaks down these molecules to eliminate all undesirable smells leaving just pure freshness.  With a single perfume, we deliver 2 benefits:  Ultimate efficacy translated into pure freshness & a beautiful scent to fragrance the air. 

NeutraSensiCaps® “Ultimate Odour Shield Technology for “Motion activated Freshness” for Laundry and Home Care”

NeutraSensiCaps®  is a true market innovation combining the power of 2 states of the art technologies: AOCF® for Odour Control and Micro-encapsulation for Long lasting scent experience.  It is like deodorant for your clothes. Specifically designed for any product that comes in contact with fabrics. They provide long-lasting odour control through the combination of unique ingredients inside and outside the capsules, which will break over time delivering extra bursts of fragrance with odour-neutralizing properties.

NeutraSensiCaps® guarantees unbeatable effectiveness providing an extra protective barrier for long-lasting protection in products such as air fresheners, detergents, softeners & carpet cleaners.

This technology offers the best solution to busy lifestyles, we are active, love sports and this may lower the degree of freshness in our garments. They may also absorb unpleasant odours coming from cigarettes, pollution, spicy food, body odours, etc. The technology will work just when you need it since the microcaps will break by friction or motion delivering the freshness you want.

Sensient is always focused on the marketplace and consumers, looking for tangible ways to add benefits with our top-notch creative teams and state-of-the-art fragrance technologies. Our name communicates what we do: Enhance SENSory experiences through specialised ingredIENTs, delivered through proprietary TECHNOLOGIES.

Author: Jacqueline Reynders is Global Marketing Manager, Sensient Fragrances.

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