Showa Denko develops chemical resistant emulsion buildings

Showa Denko develops chemical resistant emulsion for buildings

5:49 AM, 6th August 2016
Showa Denko develops chemical resistant emulsion for buildings

TOKYO, JAPAN: Showa Denko K K (SDK) has developed styrene-free vinylester resin (a resin that does not use styrene as reactive monomer) which forms aqueous emulsion and cures at normal temperature. SDK will start shipment of its samples in this October.

This new product has high corrosion resistance that protects concrete from corrosive condition caused by mixture of organic and inorganic acids, cures at normal temperature, and achieves the safety of work environment. The new vinylester resin is suitable for water-proofing and corrosion-proofing treatment of underground cesspits of buildings (building-pits), drainage facilities, and sewage facilities of farm villages.

Owners of office buildings, hotels or shopping malls have legal obligations to equip their facilities with underground cesspits to temporarily store and treat sewage if a facility releases it more than a certain amount. From decomposed sewage or wastewater in these cesspits, inorganic acids including hydrogen sulfide or organic acids including acetic acid and valeric acid may be produced, and these acids accelerate corrosion of concrete.

If we want to protect concrete from a corrosive condition, we must apply high-corrosion- resistant lining such as vinylester resin or organic-acid-resistant epoxy resin to concrete. On the other hand, when we apply conventional vinylester resin which contains styrene to concrete, we must have measures to prevent fire, poisoning, and control odors. When we use organic-acid-resistant epoxy resin, though that does not contain styrene, we must introduce safety measures for workers including rash preventing measures.

Under these circumstances, SDK has been studying chemical methods to give high-chemical-resistance and aqueousness to non-styrene corrosion-resistant materials, making the most of the Company’s knowledge of corrosion-resistant lining and emulsification technology both of which the Company has been fostering over many years. Conventional non-styrene vinylester resin has low chemical resistance.

The new vinylester resin not only has high corrosion resistance and normal temperature curability but also realizes safe work environment. Making the most of this new product, SDK proposes a method of lining with superior work environment, less odor, and easy handling of resins. SDK will continue contributing to infrastructure construction and maintenance, the demand for which is expected to grow both at home and abroad.

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