Showa Denko increases total production vapor- grown carbon fiber

Showa Denko increases total production of vapor- grown carbon fiber

9:26 PM, 2nd December 2011
Showa Denko increases total production of vapor- grown carbon fiber

TOKYO, JAPAN: Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has completed additional production line for VGCFTM (vapor-grown carbon fiber) at Kawasaki Plant, Kanagawa Prefecture, and thereby increasing total production capacity for the product from100 t/y to200 t/y.  VGCFTM is used as additive in anodes and cathodes of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (LIBs).

SDK is also supplying graphite anode material (SCMGTM) for LIBs and aluminum laminated films for LIB packaging.  To meet growing demand, SDK will increase production capacity for these products step by step.

The Showa Denko Group provides characteristic battery materials (mainly LIB materials) through interconnection of inorganic/metal and organic chemical technologies, aiming to achieve sales of 30 billion or more in 2015.  The Group will accelerate technological development and business expansion to contribute toward reducing impact on the global environment.

In Japan, Showa Denko has developed its newly optimised VGCF carbon nanotube (CNT) grade manufacturing complex in Japan.

 The VGCF compound, developed using Showa Denko’s catalyst and synthesis technologies, is characterised by its high electrical conductivity and dispersion, where a small added amount can provide stable conductivity to resins. Showa Denko expects the VGCF compound to find applications in static-free plastic cases for preventing contamination to semiconductor/hard disk media parts.

 The Japanese firm is focusing on its CNT operation as one of its growth businesses. The target is to achieve sales of ¥40 billion (US$446 million) from this business in 2015 by developing new applications as well as lithium ion battery and composite applications.



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