Showa Denko starts biodegradable polyester resin production

Showa Denko starts biodegradable polyester resin production

9:52 AM, 12th July 2012
Showa Denko starts biodegradable polyester resin production

TOKYO, JAPAN: Showa Denko (SDK), at its Tatsuno plant in Hyogo Prefecture, has succeeded in producing biodegradable polyester resin, bionolle, on a commercial scale using bio-derived succinic acid. SDK has started providing film-grade samples of this product. Bionolle, which can be fully decomposed after use into water and carbon dioxide, has been used in compost bags and mulch films. To reduce CO2 emissions and better protect the environment, SDK has worked to use bio-derived raw materials.

Specifically, SDK has developed the volume production technology for bionolle that uses succinic acid made from starches or sugars. This means that about 50 per cent of main raw materials for bionolle are now bio-derived. As for bionolle starcla, in which starch is mixed with bionolle, the ratio can be increased to about 70 per cent. Both of bionolle and bionolle starcla have been certified compostable by OK Compost and DIN CERTCO according to EN13432.

The product is being test-marketed to some customers, including Natur-Tec, a division of Northern Technologies International Corp (NTIC), a US based global bioplastics products manufacturer. “Our customers are increasingly demanding higher biobased carbon content in our materials, in order to reduce the overall carbon footprint of their finished products. We are excited at the possibility of incorporating SDK’s bio-derived bionolle into our compounds and converted plastic products, to meet this burgeoning market demand,” said Vineet Dalal, Vice President and Director of Global Market Development, Natur-Tec business unit, NTIC.

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