Solazyme supply advanced biofuel United Airlines planes

Solazyme to supply advanced biofuel for United Airlines planes

1:54 AM, 8th November 2011
Solazyme to supply advanced biofuel for United Airlines planes
Jonathan Wolfson, CEO, Solazyme.

· Using 40 per cent Solajet, Solazyme’s algae-derived renewable jet fuel, the flight flew from Houston to Chicago.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, US: Solazyme Inc announced that United Airlines flew the world’s first commercial aviation flight on a microbially-derived biofuel using Solajet, Solazyme’s algae-derived renewable jet fuel. The Eco-skies Boeing 737-800 plane was fueled with 40 per cent Solajet and 60 per cent petroleum-derived jet fuel. The commercial Eco-skies flight was from Houston’s IAH airport to Chicago’s ORD airport.

Solazyme, which is ramping up production capacity to produce 500,000 MT of renewable oil by 2015, also signed a Letter of Intent with United to supply up to 20 million gallons per year (approximately 70,000 MT) of renewable jet fuel starting in 2014.

“Today’s historic flight with United marked a significant milestone in the history of aviation and demonstrated the commercial applicability of our drop-in fuel. The US Navy has demonstrated the effectiveness of our fuel in multiple vessels over the past year,” said Jonathan Wolfson, CEO, Solazyme.

Solazyme’s algae-derived renewable jet fuel, Solajet, was manufactured via Solazyme’s proprietary fermentation process and renewable jet fuel processing technology from Honeywell’s UOP. To date, Solazyme has produced and delivered the largest quantities of microbially-derived advanced biofuels in history. These deliveries include over 375,000 litres of in-specification marine diesel and jet fuel.

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