Solvay Polyamide doubles copolymer production capacity in germany meeting customers demands

Solvay to double copolymer capacity in Freiburg, Germany

11:18 AM, 2nd April 2014
Solvay Polyamide doubles copolymer production capacity

LYON, FRANCE: Solvay Polyamide & Intermediates (P&I) will double its copolymer production capacity at the company’s Freiburg site, Germany. The capacity increase is a part of its ongoing commitment to serve global customers with added-value polyamide solutions. The copolymers provided by Solvay P&I are part of the Stabamid High-Performance portfolio designed for demanding end-use applications in engineering plastics, industrial yarns and textile.

“As a leader in the global market of polyamides, we continue to invest in the quality and customer benefits of our material and service offering on a regular basis. We look forward to more than doubling our copolymer production capacity in Freiburg, and have entered the approval process with the German regulation authorities,” said Yannick Adnot, Business Director for Europe, Solvay P&I.


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