Solving new age textile challenges
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Solving new age textile challenges

9:04 AM, 6th July 2018
Solving new age textile challenges
The Textile industry is a heavy user of water and reducing the usage has been a priority for the sector for several years. (File photo)

By Harshad Naik

Innovation is critical to the growth and sustainability of Huntsman’s business and as emerging technologies continue to redefine customer needs, Huntsman remains agile through innovation to meet ever-changing demands in an extremely competitive marketplace. Huntsman has a proven record of scientific and technological innovation and has nearly 5,000 patents (granted and pending), an expanding inventory of products and an increasing presence in worldwide markets.

Innovation remains at the forefront of Huntsman business with their world-class research and development (R&D) and technology facilities. Huntsman has more than a dozen R&D sites and advanced technology centers across the world, including India, where innovations are created to cater to stakeholders’ needs and offer sustainable solutions around the globe.

The Textile industry is a heavy user of water and reducing the usage has been a priority for the sector for several years. The UN estimates that 1.2 billion people today do not have access to enough water to meet their daily needs. Since many of the major textile-producing nations are in regions of acute water scarcity, reducing the industry’s need for water could have an immediate and substantial positive impact.

At the same time, textile producers are also looking for new ways to reduce their overall environmental footprint. Keeping in mind its goals around sustainability,

Hunstman launched the AVITERA® SE, an innovative breakthrough for the textile industry offering a more environmentally sustainable solution for processing the world’s most widely used textile fibers.

It significantly reduces water and energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during the dyeing and washing-off process. Since its launch, the range has been continuously extended to deliver improved benefits across the entire shade gamut and color spectrum.

With AVITERA® SE, only 15-20 liters ofwater are required to dye 1 kg of material, compared to up to 100 liters for hot dyeing systems, plus more for pretreatment and finishing, and 30-40 liters for BAT. The product can save more than 820 billion liters of water per year and can also save more than 700,000 tons of salt per year. Moreover, to raise the bar in durable water repellency, Huntsman launched the PHOBOTEX® RSY, a non-fluorinated Durable Water Repellant (DWR) which can be used on high-performance synthetic textiles. With this water repellent finish, brands and retailers can provide ecofriendly clothing that have extreme rain and stain protection.

Thus, reducing the number of times a cloth is washed and the environmental footprint for treated fabrics. It is the perfect combination of excellent water repellency with extremely high washing resistance. It provides benchmark performance with economical positioning targeted at synthetics and synthetic blends for apparel. Delivering sustainable protection that keeps one dry even in the most demanding environment, PHOBOTEX® RSY shows excellent storage stability as well as run ability and further meets performance requirements outlined by Huntsman’s High IQ Repel brand assurance program.

Additionally, Huntsman also introduced Araldite® Multifunctional Epoxy Resins, an innovation which is widely used in civil as well as defense applications such as manufacturing of composite parts of passenger aircraft, military aircraft, helicopters, marine transport as well as in space applications such as satellites and radars. Huntsman has been providing products to improve airplane construction for more than 60 years and supplies the high-performance epoxy resins and curatives found in the majority of composite parts used in the newest generation of aircraft today.

The use of these lighter and stronger materials has dramatically grown over the past decade, resulting in greater fuel efficiency and lower costs for the airline industry. According to IATA, the global airline industry’s fuel bill accounts for over 21 percent of operating expenses. If the aircraft’s weight reduces, it can considerably reduce the fuel needs and therefore lower operating costs. In addition to multifunctional epoxy resins, Huntsman provides epoxy-coating systems used for protection of metallic parts from corrosion.

In combination, these parts reduce the weight of the vehicle, help increase fuel efficiency and cut down costs significantly.

With innovation at the core, Huntsman will continue developing products and solutions to solve new challenges, such as global demand for alternative energy.

Through these solutions, enable our customers to be active in green technologies and introduce new eco-friendly processes as well as alternative materials to help reduce carbon footprint and preserve resources. By leveraging the core competencies, which include synthesis and formulation, testing and analysis, process manufacturing technology and technical service, Huntsman will develop sustainable products that benefit customers, consumers and planet as a whole.

Author: Harshad Naik is Managing Director (India Subcontinent) at Huntsman International India Pvt Ltd.

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