Songwon launches new range antioxidants

Songwon launches new range of antioxidants

10:22 AM, 19th May 2018
Songwon launches new range of antioxidants

ULSAN, SOUTH KOREA: Songwon Industrial Co Ltd said that it will introduce the latest addition to its range of antioxidants for fuels and lubricants. Songnox L570 complements Songwon’s broad aminic, phenol, phosphite and thioester antioxidant product range, further extending its breadth and depth.

Songnox L570 is manufactured in Songwon’s world-class facility in South Korea, where industry standard aminic (Songnox L670) and phenolic (Songnox L135) antioxidants are already produced, adding further economic value through production efficiency and scale.

Songnox L570 is a liquid butylated / octylated diphenylamine antioxidant that provides lubricating oils with excellent protection against thermo-oxidative degradation by reacting with and stabilizing free radicals.

“Our world-scale plant allows Songwon to cost-effectively supply products globally to meet our customers’ requirements, and is ideally situated to support customers who are extending their blending activities into Asia,” said Dr Olivier Keiser, leader of the business unit lube additives.

“This highly versatile product is designed for demanding automotive and industrial lubricants and oils as well as speciality applications such as greases. Songnox L570 protects oils and lubricants from degradation, prolonging the life of oils in vehicles and machinery,” said Dr Gerard Mulqueen, global business manager, fuel & lube additives.

“The new antioxidant, which is suitable for use in both the industrial and the automotive sectors, can meet even the most the demanding requirements of these industries. Applications include mineral oil based and synthetic industrial lubricants, greases and engine oils,” added Dr Mulqueen.

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