Songwon expand di-n-octyltin oxide capacity in Korea

Songwon to expand di-n-octyltin oxide capacity in Korea

5:11 AM, 1st October 2012
Songwon to expand di-n-octyltin oxide capacity in Korea

ULSAN, KOREA: Songwon Industrial group will expand di-n-octyltin oxide (DOTO) production capacity by 60 per cent at its Ulsan, Korea manufacturing facility with the project completion expected mid 2013. The new DOTO capacity will come at the expense of a reduction in di-n-butyltin oxide (DBTO) capacity. Beyond the current project, Songwon is planning additional DOTO capacity to support future market needs.

Since its implementation in 2007, REACH and other global environmental regulation initiatives have become stricter. As a result the movement to replace butyltin compounds is accelerating, especially in the European market. Songwon foresees that where possible, butyltin compounds will be replaced by octyltin compounds by 2015. The shifting demand is driving Songwon to realign manufacturing as per market needs.

“Songwon has been a leader in complying with environmental regulation. Our move to DOTO will ensure that we can provide the products that our customers need without compromising our environmental stewardship,” informed K T Jeong, Business Manager, PVC Stabilizers and Tin Intermediates, Songwon.

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