Stability tradition in heat transfer

Stability and tradition in heat transfer

7:17 AM, 23rd March 2018
Stability and tradition in heat transfer

Numerous industrial processes would be inconceivable without heat as an energy carrier. Temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius are even required in many cases. With organic heat transfer fluids like Diphyl, heat can be passed from one station to the next without any being lost.

When precision is critical

Synthetic organic heat transfer media show their advantages especially at high temperatures, when precision temperature control is imperative, for instance in manufacturing and processing plastics, synthetic fibres and rubber, and in the wood and metal processing industries. Heat transfer media are indispensable, for example, in fabricating PET from polyester and further processing it into fibres and bottles.

The distinguishing features of synthetic heat transfer media are their high thermal stability and long service life, which make them perfectly suited to processes that run at high temperatures of 280 to 400° Celsius. Under these conditions, the LANXESS Diphyl products prove their worth, as they have been doing since 1929. At temperatures exceeding 340° Celsius, the product is even unique. Thanks to its outstanding thermal stability and longevity, Diphyl is known as the “Grande Dame” of heat transfer fluids.

Exact boiling point is advantageous in the vapour phase

Diphyl proves its effectiveness, particularly in the vapour phase. The mixture has an exact boiling point, which manufacturers can make good use of. An exact boiling point often is crucial to the quality of a manufactured product because it supports precise adherence to target temperatures, as required in spinning and above all polymerization processes.

This advantage convinced Murdotec Kunststoffe, a Dortmund-based manufacturer of semi-finished thermoplastic products, to use Diphyl. The company uses Diphyl DT as a heat transfer medium in production. “In manufacturing semi-finished products from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW), temperatures between 20° and 240° Celsius are required in our pressing plant. Feed and film temperatures above 300° Celsius in the heating system, and low viscosity at temperatures below 40° Celsius were the deciding factors for using Diphyl DT. The pumps can operate at a lower output level as a result,” explained Josef Ikemann, CEO of Murdotec Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG.

Full service for customers

Heat transfer systems are at “the heart” of an industrial production plant, meaning they must function reliably to ensure safe operations. Both the choice and maintenance of the heat transfer medium must be exactly attuned to the process and the design of the plant. The specialists at LANXESS Distribution offer comprehensive pre- and after-sales service in terms of technical application. They also organize one- to two-day workshops to provide customers with more in-depth information.

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