Sugar alcohol humectants to record considerable demand

7:49 AM, 21st January 2021
A humectant is regarded as a common moisturizing agent found in cosmetic items like shampoos, lotions, and other cosmetic products and food additives. They are widely known for their ability to retain moisture along with preserving the overall characteristics of the product at hand.

A humectant is regarded as a common moisturizing agent found in cosmetic items like shampoos, lotions, and other cosmetic products and food additives. They are widely known for their ability to retain moisture along with preserving the overall characteristics of the product at hand.

Over the years, the product has registered tremendous demand as they comprise of superior properties that help in keeping the cosmetic and food items moist. Moreover, the growing demand for preservatives in food products to protect it from contamination and spoilage has boosted the global humectants market size over time.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the compound is used in medicines to control the amount of moisture of pharmaceutical dosage and achieve active ingredient solubility. The ingredient finds use in various industries, however, volatile prices of raw materials may pose a threat to the market growth as they are obtained from petroleum products.

Moreover, some of the humectants are received from natural sources like plant extracts, seaweeds, and others that limit their production capabilities and their profit margin among the product manufacturers.

Rising cases of obesity to support the use of sugar substitutes

Sugar alcohol humectants have showcased notable gains as they are widely used as a substitute for sugar in certain foods, especially those that are labeled as “no added sugar” or “sugar-free”. These water-soluble organic compounds are slated to witness a high adoption rate due to the increasing awareness among the people globally to consume low-calorie products.

An increase in the cases of obesity globally and the subsequent increase in the number of related chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and kidney and liver dysfunctions has encouraged people to adopt healthy alternatives. According to the CDC, the prevalence of obesity among people across the US was 42.4 percent over 2017-18.

Increasing demand for personal care products

An increase in purchasing power among people in both developed as well as developing countries has driven the sale of oral and personal care products. The rise in employment levels, primarily among women, and increasing knowledge regarding personal hygiene has encouraged the personal care product manufacturers to develop items like lotions and moisturizing creams that meet the varied skin needs of the people.

As per the Cosmetics Europe Association, the personal care and cosmetics industry was valued at $95 billion in terms of retail sales during the year 2019 in Europe. Humectant has witnessed wide adoption in personal care items like shampoo, lotions, and other beauty products used for hair and skin due to their ability to retain moisture.

Continuous need for food additives

The total world population as of November 2020 stands at 7.82 billion and the evident increase in the number of people worldwide has steered the demand for processed food and beverages over time. An increase in population, as well as improvement in the standard of living of people, has led to an increase in the production of packaged food and beverage solutions.

In a report by the Government of Canada, in the year 2019, the total value of food and beverage in terms of production across the region was worth more than $90 billion. The use of humectants is quite common as they help in maintaining the shape of the product as well as in its preservation for a long time.

Under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, part-170 of food and additives, the US FDA considered the use of humectants in controlled quantities safe for human consumption in food items. The product is used in food owing to its moisture-holding capabilities and comparatively less amount of calories.

Humectant manufacturers to improve product quality

The humectant producers and suppliers are entering into mergers and acquisitions to meet their expansion needs. With constant development in the food and cosmetics industry, there is a subsequent need to improve the quality of humectants to preserve the texture and properties of the product.

In July 2020, American food company, Ingredion announced the acquisition of PureCircle Limited - a leading producer and innovator of plant-based stevia sweeteners and flavor additives in the F&B sector. This transaction will help Ingredion broaden its ingredient portfolio and help achieve manufacturing expertise.

Other leading market players include Lipo Chemicals, BASF SE, Barentz, Cargill Incorporated, Archer Daniels Midland Company, and The Dow Chemical Company, among numerous others.  

Worldwide, humectants market has recorded considerable growth over the years due to its importance in the vast food and beverage and cosmetics industries. With urbanization and the increase in disposable income, more and more people will demand high-quality food and personal care solutions, further propelling humectants business scope.

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