Tamil Nadu board approves Chemplast Sanmar’s expansion plans

Tamil Nadu board approves Chemplast Sanmar’s expansion plans

12:47 AM, 11th November 2011
Tamil Nadu board approves Chemplast Sanmar’s expansion plans


CHENNAI, INDIA: The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) has given approval to Chemplast Sanmar Ltd, to enhance its production capacity of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plant from 170,000 tonne per annum to 221,000 tonne per annum.

Chemplast Sanmar, part of Sanmar Group is a manufacturer of caustic soda, chlorochemicals, PVC resins, refrigerant gas, PVC piping systems and industrial salt. Its manufacturing facilities are located at several places like Shinoli in Maharashtra, Karaikal in the Union Territory of Puducherry and Ponneri in Tamil Nadu. The company has also entered into the business of PVC pipes through the acquisition of Trubore Piping Systems.

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