University Of valencia, Oxford Researchers Say Cup Color Influence Hot Chocolate Taste, Aroma To People

Taste of hot chocolate is influenced by colour of the cup

10:10 AM, 7th January 2013
Researchers Say Color of the cup influence hot chocolate taste, aroma to eaters
Taste of hot chocolate is influenced by colour of the cup.

LONDON, UK: Two researchers from the University of Valencia Polytechnic and Oxford have found that chocolate tastes better in a glass of orange or cream in a white or red. The study adds to recent research demonstrating how our senses appreciate food differently depending on the characteristics of the container where they are taken.

“The colour of the container which serves food and drinks can enhance some of its attributes, such as taste or odour,” explained Betina Piqueras-Fiszman, Researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The scientist, along with his colleague Charles Spence of Oxford University (UK), has shown in the case of liquid chocolate.

The couple raised an experiment where 57 participants had to evaluate samples of hot chocolate served in four types of plastic cups, the same size but of different colours - white, cream, red and orange with white. The results, published in the journal Journal of Sensory Studies reveal that the chocolate flavour served in orange and cream coloured glasses like best, as the volunteers who tested it.

However, the sweetness-no-cocoa flavour and aroma, odour, were largely influenced by the colour of the cup, although participants commented that vessels was detected slightly creamy chocolate sweeter and more aromatic than the other.

“There is no fixed rule to say that a taste or flavour is enhanced with a particular colour or tone. This actually varies with the type of food, but the fact is that, as the effect occurs, it would have to pay more attention to the colour of the packaging, as it has more potential than you can imagine,” said Piqueras-Fiszman.

According to the study, these results are relevant for scientists interested in understanding how the brain integrates visual information, not just the food itself, also the container or the container in which it is consumed.

In addition, this data can encourage chefs and hospitality professionals, as well as the sector of food and beverage packaging, to think more about the colour of the tableware and packaging. It’s a matter of experience. To know how it affects the container itself to the customers’ perception of the product,” said the researchers.

In the same article reviews the findings of previous studies that also confirm the effect of the container on the sensory characteristics of the beverage or food. Examples are numerous, from cans to perceive more yellow lemon taste better, even if soda cups are painted in cool colours like blue, seem to quench thirst better than the warm, like red. And if they are pink, the liquid even more sugary note.

In other cases, it has been shown that a mousse of fresh strawberry shown more intense on a white plate in black other. And for coffee, a majority of respondents associated the brown package a stronger flavour and aroma, while red is attenuated if that feeling, and if you are coloured blue or yellow, drink more soft perceived.

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