Teijin Group plans developing environmentally friendly products automotive, electronics,textile industries

Teijin to develop environmentally friendly products in China

12:03 PM, 18th April 2014
Teijin Group plans developing environmentally friendly products

TOKYO, JAPAN: Teijin Product Development China Co Ltd, subsidiary of Teijin Group, will begin developing yarns and textile products, including environmentally friendly products, for automotive, electronics and materials industries and etc in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China.

Teijin Product Development China Co, Ltd will enable Teijin to meet local demand rapidly by concentrating operations for R&D and production in one location. It will operate as an independent corporation based on the premises of Nantong Teijin Co, Ltd, a polyester textile manufacturing and processing company engaged in weaving and dyeing recyclable polyester textiles and manufacturing and processing polyester textiles.

The new centre will strengthen Teijin’s textile R&D functions, including cooperative activities with local companies. Teijin entered into a comprehensive alliance with the China Chemical Fibers Association in March 2012 to develop business for synthetic textiles produced by Chinese companies and textiles manufactured by Teijin.

The centre’s two-story research building and one-story production building will have a total floor space of 10,000 square metre and comprise three facilities - a laboratory, an experimental production facility and an analysis and measurement facility.

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