Tokyo Institute Technology professor bags Humboldt Research award

Tokyo Institute of Technology professor bags Humboldt Research award

3:44 PM, 7th July 2011
Tokyo Institute of Technology professor bags Humboldt Research award
Professor Dr Takao Ikariya, Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute Of Technology.

TOKYO, JAPAN: Professor Takao Ikariya of the Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering is to be honoured with the Humboldt Research Award.

The internationally acclaimed Humboldt Research Award is given by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany to renowned foreign researchers who have had a lasting impact in their fields of specialization and who are thought to continue producing ground-breaking results. Award winners are invited to Germany to conduct self-selected research projects in co-operation with other researchers.

Professor Ikariya is a researcher in the interdisciplinary field of organometallic chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry who has made pioneering achievements in the development of high efficiency molecular transformation with bifunctional molecular catalysis, known as concerto catalysis, based on organometallic compounds and supercritical fluids for catalytic reaction. For four years through 2009 he was the head of the “Chemistry of Concerto Catalysis” research supported by grants-in-aid for scientific research on priority areas from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Professor Ikariya believes that Japan leads the world in the field of molecular catalytic chemistry based on organometallic chemistry and has produced many cutting edge researchers in the field. “I feel greatly honoured to receive the highest academic prize in Germany,” commented Professor Ikariya upon receiving the news of the award announcement. Professor Ikariya extended his deep appreciation to President, Professor Ryoji Noyori of RIKEN whose works served as the conduit for his award-winning research, as well as to the staff and students who devotedly worked together to further his research achievements.

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