Top 4 trends to stimulate global concrete surface treatment chemicals market

10:03 AM, 29th January 2021
Increasing world population is the prime reason that will stimulate the growth of concrete surface treatment chemicals market over the coming years. Growth in population has resulted in a high requirement for housing projects worldwide, driving the expansion of related industrial sectors.

Increasing world population is the prime reason that will stimulate the growth of concrete surface treatment chemicals market over the coming years. Growth in population has resulted in a high requirement for housing projects worldwide, driving the expansion of related industrial sectors.

Global population has been expected to increase by 2 billion people by the next few decades leading up to 9.7 billion people by 2050. Out of the current population, 61 percent resides in the Asia Pacific region, with China and India representing 19 percent and 18 percent of the world’s population respectively.

Rapid industrialization has been observed across developing nations over the past decade. Many people migrating from rural areas to cities has encouraged massive construction activities, fueling the demand for concrete and surface treatment chemicals.

Opportunity in APAC and end-use markets

Emerging economies such as India and China are poised to be replete with investments in construction space, subsequently surface treatment chemicals such as mold releasing agents will gain momentum.

With sustainable aspect of construction building gaining grounds, water-based mold releasing agents are expected to be the major revenue-generating hub in the region. In addition, rise in the construction of buildings, bridges may well make APAC a favorable investment hub.

As concrete floors have become prevalent in commercial and industrial structures, opportunities lie ahead for stakeholders to propel the concrete durability with sustainability upsides for the entire structure.

Maintaining the optimum moisture content (OMC) to prevent the loss of water in end-markets such as residential, commercial and industrial spaces is likely to be the major focus of stakeholders. Nevertheless, concrete surface treatment chemicals are expected to help in avoiding premature stressing or cracks in concrete.

Challenges of COVID-19 outbreak

At the time when almost every commercial activity is facing the brunt of COVID-19, stakeholders are worried that concrete surface treatment chemicals market may also be marred by the pandemic. That said, the industry is expected to weather the storm in the future course of time.

Industry players will look to reduce chemical waste and invest in sealants and water-based mold releasing agents. Focus will be more on cleanliness of concrete surface to bolster adhesion and durability.

The curing compounds impact the growth trajectory of market

Based on the product spectrum, curing compounds segment has have emerged out to be a major revenue pocket for the concrete surface treatment chemicals market. This is mainly due to the product’s ability to provide optimal curing whilst the protection from solar heat is demanded.

The product finds expansive use on horizontal surfaces like the streets, highways, airports, and many more.

As per estimates, curing compounds are predicted to grow potentially at a growth rate of 6.5 per cent through the foreseeable period.

Trends toward the use of sealants and water-based releasing agent

With surface treatment for the concrete gaining prominence, use of sealants has become highly sought-after among stakeholders. Demand for sealants to close small openings which are not easy to seal with other material such as drywall has become trendy in the recent past.

Given the chances of contraction, joints and expansion in the concrete structure, traction for sealants to prevent liquids, gases and solids into the gap is likely to be witnessed in the next five years.

Even though water-based mold releasing agent has become popular, dearth of water has led several concrete treatment chemicals manufacturers to shift towards the use of sealants. It is worth noting that construction chemical companies are exhibiting increased inclination towards sealants to avert the entry of rainwater and wind.

Water-based mold releasing agent is also likely to experience growth in the industry as environmentally friendly attributes continue to garner attraction among stakeholders. Besides, rigorous government regulations have made water-based releasing agent a desirable product in construction sector.

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