Toray Plant in Ayutthaya expected restart from March 2012

Toray Plant in Ayutthaya expected to restart from March 2012

1:44 AM, 14th December 2011
Toray Plant in Ayutthaya expected to restart from March 2012


TOKYO, JAPAN: Toray Industries announced the latest situation regarding the impact of the large-scale floods in Thailand on Toray Group's operations.

Ayutthaya Plant of Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd. (TTS), which halted operations on October 6, began its restoration works on November 28 and is expected to restart from the end of March 2012.

The plants of Thai Toray Textile Mills (TTTM) and TTS in Nakhon Pathom, which also suspended their operations for a similar reason, have resumed production.

There has been no material or personnel damage due to the floods at Toray group companies or plants other than at Ayutthaya Plant and Nakhon Pathom Plant of TTS.

Toray has been earnestly responding to the impact on fiber product (yarn) supply following the closedown of the above plants by increasing production at group companies and replacing the products with other types of products. At the same time, the company expects only a minimal impact on supply in the Japanese market, partly because of the small volume of yarn exports from TTS to the Japanese market.

Specifically, Toray is boosting production at its four domestic plants (Mishima, Ishikawa, Aichi and Okazaki Plants) to the maximum possible extent, while cooperating with its overseas subsidiaries and affiliates in Indonesia, Republic of Korea and China, in an effort to maintain stable supply of the particular products by leveraging the Toray Group's global production structure.

The Group is also taking necessary measures with respect to other products depending on the impact.


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