Trinseo introduces new trade name latex binders: LIGOS binder

Trinseo introduces new trade name for latex binders: LIGOS binder

7:10 AM, 5th October 2017
Trinseo introduces new trade name for latex binders: LIGOS binder
LIGOS and its tagline 'Strong Bonds. Stronger Commitment.' are easy to recognize and set Trinseo apart.

Once applied, latex binders render themselves invisible, yet their connective power works all around us: in footwear, carpets, cementing and magazines, to name a few. Trinseo has been producing latex binder solutions for over 60 years while supplying the paper and board, textiles and carpets, and the adhesives and construction industries.

Continuing with its long-standing dedication to the market, Trinseo has introduced LIGOS™ as the new trade name for its family of latex binders products. The word ligos means “to bind” in the international language of Esperanto. With the introduction of LIGOS™, Trinseo is strengthening its connection with its customers by offering a more focused portfolio with all the innovation and commitment its customers have come to count on.

LIGOS™ and its tagline ‘Strong Bonds. Stronger Commitment.’ are easy to recognize and set Trinseo apart. “We have changed the name but not the performance or reliability that customers expect from us,” said Rainer Knappich, business director, latex binders at Trinseo. “The LIGOS™ trade name speaks to the performance and strength of the technology behind the products and underscores Trinseo’s commitment to delivering solutions to meet customer and industry needs.”

Trinseo provides customers with the broadest range of binders products in the market through cutting-edge innovations, an unparalleled global reach, security of supply, a collaborative business model, and advanced development labs.

The LIGOS™ Binders product offerings are based on styrene acrylic and styrene-butadiene latex chemistries. Trinseo is the leading supplier of styrene-butadiene latex, a material that demonstrates superior mechanical and binding strength as well as great water, chemical, abrasion, and oil resistance.

The great advantage of latex binders is their utility and versatility. Typical end-use products are magazines, carpet and textile backing, liquid applied membranes, tile adhesives and mortars, roofing and glass reinforced mesh fabrics. Trinseo’s product portfolio continues to evolve with and anticipate market demand. The company also offers solutions for packaging, labels, wood assembly, and caulks and sealants.

With over 20 years of experience in the building and construction and the adhesives industry, Trinseo aims at strengthening its market position in Asian markets like India. “We recognize the incredible potential in India,” said Andre Hugentobler, global industry development leader, adhesives & construction Binders. “Now, with LIGOS™, we offer binders that address evolving needs in adhesive and construction applications. Take for example the proven technology of Trinseo’s latex binders for liquid applied membranes. LIGOS™ based waterproof and EIFS (exterior insulation and ?nishing system) membranes enable moisture management through excellent water resistance and vapour transmission properties, which reduces water damage, increases a structure’s lifespan and conserves its aesthetic appeal cost-effectively.”

Trinseo benefits from global scale, strong customer relationships and a robust innovation pipeline. By having a strong global network, the company is able to use its full capabilities and vast know-how to address local needs. “We work closely with our customers, and our solutions are tailored to their specific project and application needs,” said Hugentobler. “We are convinced that innovation is the product of collaboration. This is why we want to create better solutions together.”

Trinseo is dedicated to finding the right solutions for their customers, which is why it invests in innovative technologies – it is the only latex supplier with world-class pilot coating facilities in both the US and Europe. Key locations for R&D include the US, Germany, Switzerland and China.

Trinseo is also committed to meeting the highest global Environment, Health and Safety standards and regulations. It boasts a world-class safety record across all their sites.

“Customers have come to rely on the innovation, collaboration and dedication that sets Trinseo’s Latex Binders apart from the competition,” said Knappich, “and LIGOS™ will further strengthen this connection we have with our customers.”

Source: Trinseo LLC

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