Wacker Chemie close its semiconductor division in Japan

Wacker Chemie to close its semiconductor division in Japan

1:12 AM, 12th December 2011
Wacker Chemie to close its semiconductor division in Japan
Headquarters of Wacker Chemie, Munich, Germany

MUNICH, GERMANY: Siltronic, Wacker Chemie AG’s semiconductor division intends to streamline its 200 mm wafer production capacities. As a result, Siltronic plans to close its production site in Hikari, Japan, by mid-2012. Hikari’s production volumes shall be transferred to Siltronic’s existing 200 mm wafer plants in Singapore and Portland (Oregon, USA), optimizing capacity utilization at these sites’ facilities.

Currently, Siltronic is producing at its Hikari site wafers for the semiconductor industry as well as monocrystalline silicon ingots, employing a staff of some 500. To ensure optimum support of its Japanese customers, Siltronic will continue to employ a local sales force and application engineering in Japan.

By closing its Hikari site, Siltronic continues with the structural improvements already successfully executed and adapts its production capacities to market demand. Two years ago, Siltronic has implemented a lead-site strategy enabling wafer production to be concentrated at single sites according to individual diameters. This allows for a flexible reaction on changing market trends. Discontinuing production at Siltronic’s Hikari site translates into optimized utilization rates at the company’s remaining 200 mm production facilities, higher fixed-cost coverage as well as economies of scale, resulting in a sustainably improved cost position.

“We are striving to mitigate effects on employees from the plant closure as much as we can”, said Dr. Christoph von Plotho, Chief Executive Officer, Siltronic. According to von Plotho, Siltronic plans to offer its Hikari staff severance packages as well as consultancy and support in their search for a new employment outside the company.


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