Wacker, STC reach silicone compounds co-branding agreement

Wacker, STC reach silicone compounds co-branding agreement

9:31 AM, 13th April 2017
Wacker, STC reach silicone compounds co-branding agreement
Several automotive parts, such as exhaust-pipe suspensions (photo) are manufactured from special silicone rubber compounds like those produced by the Brazilian compounder STC Silicones. STC is now able to market compounds using WACKER raw materials under the ELASTOSIL logo.

MUNICH, GERMANY/ SAO PAULO, BRAZIL: Wacker Chemie AG and the Brazilian silicone compounder STC Silicones have concluded an agreement on the co-branding of ready-to-use silicone compounds.

Under its terms, STC is allowed to promote silicone compounds made from Wacker raw materials with the quality seal “Based on ELASTOSIL”.

ELASTOSIL has been synonymous with high-quality silicone rubber products over more than 60 years and is now one of WACKER’s most successful brands. STC Silicones is based in Ribeirao Pires in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

Wacker has been supplying STC Silicones with high-quality silicone raw materials and additives since 2003. The family-owned business uses them to produce ready-to-process silicone compounds for the automotive, medical, electrical and household-product sectors.

“STC Silicones has been operating in the Brazilian market for over a decade and is now one of the country’s most successful compounders. The cooperation will benefit both STC and Wacker,” said Christian Gimber, vice president of the engineering silicones business unit, Wacker.

“STC can now supply its Brazil-based customers with high-quality and tailored silicone compounds even more effectively. We will do all we can to support STC. Consequently, we will be able to further strengthen our competitive position in the region,” added Gimber.

“The agreement is a major milestone in positioning the company in the market as a supplier of high-quality compounds. ELASTOSIL represents absolute quality in Brazil. It is a great benefit that we can use the brand name for our compounds, too,” said Joaquim Carlos Lopes da Silva, managing director, STC.

“This will open up a raft of new sales and marketing opportunities. Products made from original Wacker raw materials are identified by the ‘Based on ELASTOSIL label, continued da Silva. The ELASTOSIL brand is a global quality seal for silicones. This fosters trust and makes it easier for us to convince customers of our silicone compounds’ high quality,” added Silva.

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