Wacker unveils world’s first candy gum technology

Wacker unveils world’s first candy to gum technology

7:03 AM, 8th December 2016
For the first time, it is possible to produce gum in a wide range of colours, shapes and flavors – individually personalised.
Chewing gum from 3D printers: The world’s first 3D printing process to use gum. For the first time, it is possible to produce gum in a wide range of colors, shapes and flavors – individually personalised.

MUNCHEN, GERMANY: Wacker Chemie AG said that it will unveil the world’s first novel confectionery technology, CANDY2GUM. With CANDY2GUM, it is possible to produce innovative chewy candy that turns into chewing gum after a short time – the mouthfeel and chewing experience are absolutely unique.

The new technology does not only modify the texture of confectionery (sweet). It also opens up new opportunities for flavours and ingredients that, so far, were unheard of for chewing gum – fruit juice, coffee, milk, caramel, chocolate, coconut and plant extracts. Now, a multitude of water-based, fat-containing and natural ingredients are available for use in chewing gum.

The secret behind this confectionery innovation is the production process – CANDY2GUM products are simply boiled. Conventional chewing gum, on the other hand, is made in a dry kneading process. Water-based and fat-containing ingredients, such as fruit juice and cocoa, are exactly what the traditional kneading process cannot handle.

Not so with CANDY2GUM. Because the production process is similar to making chewy candy, standard sugar-confectionery cookers can be used. Wacker offers a suitable premix for this: CAPIVA C03. The premix is just added to the candy mass – and a simple piece of chewy candy becomes an innovative CANDY2GUM product.

CAPIVA C03 is insoluble in water, but it melts fully, which means it can be blended homogeneously. The fact that Wacker’s premix is ideal for use in both sugary and sugar-free candy mixtures opens up numerous opportunities for novel confectionery products.

With CANDY2GUM technology, it is now possible to produce confectionery goods that begin like a piece of chewy candy and turn into gum as they are being chewed. On top of this, they feature completely new flavours and ingredients.

Immediately the 3D printer – Chewing gum in new shapes

Additionally, Wacker is presenting the world’s first 3D printing process to use chewing gum. Wacker’s experts have developed a novel product formulation specifically for printable gum and have optimised the software and hardware for this sophisticated food matrix. As a result, chewing gum can be formed in many shapes, not just as sticks, balls and pellets. Whatever is needed, whether a name, logo or lifelike miniature figure, this new technology can produce gum in a wide range of colours, shapes and flavours – individually personalised.

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