Washable Conductive Inks, Coatings Wearable Printed Electronics

Washable Conductive Inks, Coatings for Wearable Printed Electronics

11:05 AM, 25th June 2018
Washable Conductive Inks, Coatings for Wearable Printed Electronics

Creative Materials introduced its new 127-48 series of conductive Inks and coatings that are designed for manufacturing printed electronic circuits on washable textiles. These products have proven to be among the best performing products of their kind in the industry and are able to withstand a minimum of 50 machine wash and heated dryer cycles.

Available in several variations, 127-48 inks offer new possibilities for smart textiles, as well as the facility for use in many wearable printed electronics applications. These products are very flexible, resistant to creasing and have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

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