We strive producehighest quality ingredients

We strive to produce the highest quality ingredients

6:27 AM, 7th October 2016
We strive to produce the highest quality ingredients
Dan Hemming, CFS, quality assurance manager, Sensient Natural Ingredients

In an interview Dan Hemming, CFS, quality assurance manager, Sensient Natural Ingredients with Chemical Today magazine talks in details about ways in which Sensient is going green and natural.

By Shivani Mody

How does Sensient adhere to industry standards while meeting the growing demand for natural ingredients in flavours industry?

Sensient Natural Ingredients closely monitors the current trends in the industry, while working with our customers to help them fulfil their product development needs. It is generally accepted that ‘natural’ does not equate to ‘safe’. We adhere to strict food safety and quality requirements to ensure that our products are both safe and meet our customer’s requirements.

In what ways is Sensient incorporating sustainability or green chemistry in its processes while being in line with the latest trends?

At Sensient, we measure not just profits but also the social and environmental impacts created by our business. Sensient Natural Ingredients is strategically located in Central California, allowing for the fresh produce to be processed at our facilities, to produce the highest quality ingredients for our customers. Our facilities are positioned in prime agricultural growing regions in order to minimize the transportation of raw materials which decreases consumption of fossil fuels. Water consumption is a critical issue in California, and therefore rinse water from our dehydration facility in central California is recycled to water local crops such as almonds and corn.

Sensient Natural Ingredients’ California-grown garlic and onion varietals are sustainable ingredients recognized by food manufacturers around the globe. We strive to develop improved strains of seed lines that enhance quality and productivity, and reduce overall resource requirements. Our non-GMO garlic and onion seed development program produces a consistent introduction of new varieties, which continue making the use of land and water resources efficiently while reducing the amount of fossil fuels consumed per dry pound of product produced.

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