World ocean day - “together havepower protectocean”

World ocean day - “together we have the power to protect the ocean”

5:22 AM, 8th June 2013
World ocean day - “together we have the power to protect the ocean”

SINGAPORE: 8 June is recognized globally as World Oceans Day, which was initially started by government of Canada in 1992 and later got global recognition in 2008. According to the United Nation, Oceans Day is that special time when we can look back on everything we love about the beach, the islands, the ships, the diverse forms of life and the watery depths. The theme of 2013 World Ocean Day is “Together we have the power to protect the ocean.”

According to National Oceanic and atmospheric administration, oceans cover 71 per cent of the Earth’s surface and contain 97 per cent of the water on the planet. With the majority of Earth surface being occupied by oceans, they play a very important in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment –

1.    Oceans act as carbon sink by dissolving the atmospheric carbon. The carbon released by human activities ultimately go into the ocean. Carbon released by respiration of the marine organisms are also dissolved in oceans. Hence, oceans play an important role in taking up the excess carbon in atmosphere.

2.    Ocean has large biodiversity forming habitat for marine organisms. Oceans form home to millions of marine organisms.

3.    Oceans help to regulate the Earth’s climate. Oceans have a part to play in water cycle, absorbing carbon dioxide and excess heat and therefore slowing the warming of the atmosphere due to rising levels of greenhouse gases.

4.     Oceans form a major source of food to human beings. Fishes, prawns and other marine organisms serves as food to us.

5.    Oceans has large amount of salts dissolved in them. With majority of sodium chloride dissolved, serves as source of our table salt.

6.    With the world facing the problem of water scarcity, the ocean water can be desalinated and used for drinking.

7.    Many marine herbs have medicinal values.

We have forgotten the worth of ocean and are at the verge of polluting it completely. So let us take oath to protect our oceans, because “Together we have the power to protect the ocean.”

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