flowmaster-viscous-ibcs Suppliers, Snyder Industries, Inc.

Flowmaster Viscous IBCs

Specifically designed for viscous liquids used in a variety of industry, Flowmaster's 45º cone bottom slope helps facilitate faster, more complete flow in the most stubborn viscous liquid applications. All Plastic, HDLPE construction complies with FDA, NSF and USDA standards. Translucent bottle allows viewing of material levels with level indicators. Seamless, smooth interior surface offers excellent flow characteristics and is easy to clean. Eliminates corrosion concerns and associated maintenance costs. Heavy duty plastic stands are forklift and pallet jack accessible and come in a variety of colors to help designate specific applications. 12” screw on cap secures container contents. Molded 2” and 3” threaded outlet for camlock type outlet fitting. Ball valve can be positioned vertically, horizontally, or at a 45º angle. Stackable 2-3 units high depending on size, weight and temperature exposure.

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