horticultural-containers Suppliers, CHEP

Horticultural Containers

CHEP provides a range of foldable bins, fixed wall plastic bins and cages for horticultural customers from harvest and storage to transport and distribution. The food-grade vented plastic bins are used for a range of semi-bulk fresh produce. They are also used within the nursery and forestry industries for the transportation of plants and seedlings. Plastic horticultural bins are impervious to moisture to maintain hygiene standards and reduced exposure to bacteria and fungi. Vented plastic bins are designed for fresh farm produce. Their ventilation system provides cooling at twice the speed of comparable wooden bins to help improve the shelf life of produce. The non-vented plastic units are ideal for grape harvesting, processed produce and other food industries. They are completely sealed and eliminate the need for liner bags. The foldable bins are collapsible and offer a double benefit - their rigid walls protect the product when full and when not in use, they fold down and save space.

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